Airline Lukiaviatrans established in 1994. The main activity of the company - all kinds of works using aircrafts AN-30, AN-30D, the An-2, Mi-2


In 1996 flights were performed on two leased aircraft An-2, performing aerial chemical work. The company develops and expands the geography and the types of aviation work. Currently, LLC "Lukiaviatrans" owns the aircraft AN-30, AN-2, Mi-2. With the growth of the fleet and the increased number of highly skilled professionals. Professional qualifications and experience of the staff provide the highest level of quality and safety.


Licenses and Certificates

Company has certificates and licenses for all kinds of works.


Our work

LLC "Lukiaviatrans"

specializing in aerial work-related based on the airfields (operating points), which is not her base, in this regard, engineering and flight staff trained and able to work in isolation from the base. Flight crews An-30D allowed to fly small (very small) heights above the water surface. For flying at low altitudes and above the water surface engines Ai-24VT equipped with a system of tracking focus, which is a fully integrated automatic system for protecting aircraft from the appearance of the dangerous negative rods with engine failure and complements serial control system.



Aircraft Maintenance

Described in the technical documentation to aircraft work is done in the order established by this documentation Particular attention is paid to the technical condition of the park aircraft. As a result - no prerequisites for accident.

Complex maintenance of aircraft An-2, An-26, An-30, Mi-2 made by own certified engineering and aviation service. Company has the certificates of conformity.
Operative maintenance of aircraft An-2, An-26, An-30, Mi-2.
Periodically maintenance of An-2, An-26, An-30, Mi-2.
Storage, seasonal and special maintenance of An-2, An-26, An-30, Mi-2.

Types of aircraft

and the types of work



• Aerial photography • Integrated airborne geophysical survey using a unique search equipment • Search-survey flights • Search and rescue mission assurance in the provision of aircraft with landing of paratroopers rescue


• Aerial photography • Aerial flights • Aviation-chemical works • Monitoring of forest fires with the parachute assault-fire • Search and rescue mission assurance in the provision of aircraft with landing of paratroopers rescue • the Destruction of unwanted trees and shrubs with aviation-chemical equipment


•Aviation-chemical works •Aerial photography •Search and rescue mission assurance

Our team

Top management

Director for Commerce
Director of the FRA
Director of IAO
Director of AB
Director of Production



The  "Lukiaviatrans" crew perform a large amount of aviation operations - the provision of medical care, maintenance, forestry, inspection of high voltage lines and communication lines, gas and oil pipelines, as well as carry out rescue work. On all types of work the flight and technical staff have necessary sertificates. Coordinated work, efficiency, reliability and high responsibility - all these are the main priorities of the company specialists. Specialists of "Lukiaviatrans" have extensive experience in aircraft airlines in different climatic and environmental conditions. The experience and skill of the pilots, allows to our company provide highest level safety of flights.

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